We need new contributors for our magazine.

doyoucovertIndependent chatter has to come from local matter you see. Nothing said better than from people that live in this pretty shitty city. If you feel like writing for us on anything that floats your boat or gets  your goat and perhaps every now and then about local shit and shenanigans then give us a shout. We are here to provide an independent look at independent culture for the coverted in Chaventry, Treacle, Ming Spa, Drugby, DeadRock.
But why should I do this? Perhaps you’re a student looking to get into journalism and want some CV fodder, an artist or musician or just a staunch local with shit to say and nobody to say it too. Or long and short of it – you’re a serial blogger with nothing better to do. We would like to hear from you all.
We’re also looking for photographers for events, people who would have particular experience within one of our categories: Art/Design/Film, Fashion, Music, Skate/BMX scenes and people to help us spread the word. We will also be publishing a print version of this magazine 4 times a year and will need illustrators, designers, photographers and stylists to work with to produce. Get in touch!