It’s Saturday night in case you didn’t know. So what you gonna do? If it’s dancing, I don’t know about you but in my 80’s disco fantasy Saturday night this record would most definitely have me up there, quite literally enjoying my life, or at least 6 minutes of guilt/care free dance floor pleasure …….

And in my fantasy ‘new music from old hip hop legends with a slightly younger hip hop legend’ scenario? Clearly it would have to be the Beasties, who are kicking it all over again, because “grandpa been rappin’ since ’83” and Nas is helping out. Can’t wait for the album “Hot Sauce Comittee” to come out but more importantly, MCA get well soon, good health is the most precious thing we have isn’t it?

In the meantime, check out “Too Many Rappers”

So there we have it, enjoy your life. And good health. And dance. It’s that easy. Paz y amor a todos.