It was quite a time for all coming together and doing stuff at last weekend’s Big Chill festival. And I don’t just mean that a load of people turned up for the festival. Although they did. There were other smaller pockets of getting together and doing stuff during the festival.

First off, as expected, on Thursday festival-goers helped break the world record for the most number of zombies (or people pretending to be zombies, at least) caught on camera at one time. It was all captured for forthcoming Film4 and Warp Films co-production ‘I Spit On Your Rave’. Starring The Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding, the film is set six years after a virus is released at the 2012 Olympics, leaving the world ruled by zombies. A total of 4026 zombies shuffled their way around The Big Chill, beating the previous record of 3894, set in Seattle last month.

But oh so much nicer, and more successful in bringing lots of folk together at once, was The Big Sing on Sunday. Hosted by karaoke company Lucky Voice to promote their karaoke streaming site Lucky Voice Home, they attracted 5000 people, with lyrics projected onto screens and suggestions for songs to sing submitted via Twitter. It wasn’t a record attempt and it didn’t involve the undead, it was just nice.