In the same week Sony re-issue The Stone Roses eponymous debut album as a 20 year remastered legacy edition, Ian Brown unveils the first single from his sixth solo effort, “My Way”.

Serendipity? More likely some smart timing to remind us of why he is still King Monkey to so many. Few artists can lay claim to the cult status he has amongst an army of fans he introduced to Madchester and flares back in the late 80s.

You can see the video to ‘Stellify’ here at Football 365

And, for the nostalgic amongst us, footage from The Roses appearing on the BBCs The Late Show, where the sound cut out as a result of the band going over the Beebs volume limit. Keep watching for Ian Browns antics in the background. As the presenter tries to smoothly move onto the shows next feature he is heard calling the shows producers “amateurs”, on this, the bands live TV debut.

Ian Brown always knew where he was going. Arrogant? Never. Confident? Twenty years on in his career and he might now just have a point.

The Stone Roses on The Late Show