The Coventry skateboarding scene is home to a lot of underground artsy fartsy business, but there is an undisputed king of the art of skateboarding in Coventry, and his name is Henry “Swampy” Moore. He likes his music loud and fast (just like his skateboarding) and not only can he skate, he’s an excellent illustrator, painter, tattoo artist, ramp builder, graphic designer, musician and pretty much everything else you could possibly link art and skateboarding to. Swampy currently runs two companies from the shed in his garden – Faceplant Skateboards and Psycho Screen Printing. Both provide a hardcore “Do It Yourself” aesthetic and pretty much sums up what skateboarding in this city has become. With this in mind, it was a no brainer for me to give a shout-out to what Swampy has been doing for years and to direct your good selves over to the Faceplant blog, where you can read about the sessions he’s been having in his sick backyard bowl (possibly the hardest thing to skate ever), as well as his t-shirt designs, albums and E.P’s, videos and general thought processes. His style may not be clean and crisp and produced using photoshop, but Swampy has one thing over a lot of people I know who claim to be “graphic designers” – he spends less time on a computer and more time GETTING SH*T DONE.