So I know I seem to be completely hogging the Covert site at the minute, but in all honesty it’s been a busy weekend for getting stuff done, finding stuff out and planning for future movements. Yesterday Alex Taylor told me to go onto youtube and search for “Russell Bristow” (a Cov local who kills it on a daily basis), I found a collection of videos under the banner of Full English Productions – now they use different music and a bit of a different editing style to what I usually use, but I feel like there’s a Cov scene unity in the way filming and editing goes down in this city, which is only a good thing considering everyone seems to give out this “fun” vibe about Coventry and how it’s all about the skateboarding and not what clothes you’re wearing. Anyway, check out Full English at Alex Taylor’s YouTube channel, there’s some good stuff there and I’m sure there’s more to come!