Please forgive me. It’s been 3 weeks since my last covert-ion.

Im feeling pretty dirty after a trip to Berlin for the weekend. Not much of a fella for the usual tourist spots (I prefer the dirty underbelly of a city I visit) I was not disappointed to fortunately stumble on Tacheles in Mitte. A post berlin wall Art Squat taken over by artistes, musicians and degenerates (there one and the same surely??). A beautiful old department store building on Orianberger Strasse that houses studios, galleries, shops, bars, clubs, beaches, masses of beautiful graffiti, crack heads, prostitutes, rats, a dealer called Luigi in a 5 Euro suit who had “ze best cocaine in all of ze Berlin my friend”, plenty of installation art, nice reggae sounds and a set of toilets that I can only describe as something from the dark ages. But fuck me what a place.

Theres talk that the German Government are really trying to clamp down on these squats as they are desirable buildings for developers to ‘refurb’ into a cold, soulless ‘urban’ apartments. If you get the opportunity you need to hit one of these squats before they are torn down by these damn ‘lifestyle’ developers.