Covert hung out with Coventry DJing legend Mick Wilson recently for a bit of a chin wag. Mick first hit the music scene in the 90s as one half of The Eclipse resident DJs Parks and Wilson. He then went on to record as Tilt3856211524_42ab572371_o (also with Mick Parks), and later formed Cov band The Broken Dolls. Nowadays, Mick it seems is busier than ever, Djing, producing and performing with The Sioux City Boys Club.

So, whats SCBC all about then?

Well, if you like your music genres mashed up and spat out at you over a fat sound system then SCBC should be of interest. As Mick explains “we’re an electro goth, 80s pop, rock n roll, house sound,” but their aesthetic is more than just what is moving your body, live performance over plain old DJ sets is very important to the band.“We’ve worked really hard on the shows for The End and Pacha, we had stage sets built, video material edited and compiled and we’re working in conjunction with several music and audio software manufacturers to bring everything together.”

SCBC comprises of Mick along with fellow DJ/Producer Luke Pepper. The duo are pushing the boundaries of the visual and musical elements to the club experience. With a background of working on projects at Fabric and Matter the guys are applying their knowledge to the bands live shows, the aim being to bring together audio and visual, “The idea is be able to visualise the music as well as the filters and tweaking that are happening on stage. Bringing the visual and the audio together so you see it and you hear it”. Lets hope they don’t spin any Susan Boyle remixes anytime soon then.

So what does Mick think of the current dance scene?

“There’s a lot of fresh music around, some very heavy bass lines some great sounds. Everything’s gone back to electronic and dance now, the whole indie band thing seems to have quietened down a little, a few years ago everyone was in bands but now there’s some really good electronic music out there.” And it seems there is also a return to Micks roots, “The whole 80s thing has gone on longer than I expected but after the 80s comes the 90s and thats when rave kicks in.”

As well as continuing to entertain the dance floors of the planet with Sioux City Boys Club, Mick is Technical Editor at DJ Magazine.

So what tips can he offer for upcoming DJ technology?

“I currently use Traktor and Ableton Live but I always love trying out new stuff. Ableton and Serato are working together on a project that comes out next year and I really like the new Allen and Heath controller.”

Anything else exciting we should know about Mick?

“I also run a record label Wonka Sounds and (slightly tongue in cheek I think) I’m in training for the 2012 London Olympics!”