Two shout outs to blogs from two of Coventry’s biggest rippers.

First up is Fatt Huck, brainchild of Daryl “Cov Sid” Nobbs, who now resides in a pleasant village on the outskirts of Croydon. Daryl’s killed it for a long time, recently getting himself onto the Death Urethane wheels team, and his blog features video clips of himself, his girlfriend Becky and his partner in crime Felix Parker skating parks around the country. There’s some really good stuff on the blog including the Fatt Huck web edit – which is an awesome glimpse of things to come.

Secondly, there’s Hateboarding, which is from Coventry’s own punk rock kamakazi ramp butcher Tony Lui. It’s still new, but so far has covered everything from local videos, personal heroes and opinions on video games, providing an insight into the inner mind working’s of that guy that every girl in Coventry seems to know from Mybook or Facespace or whatever it’s called.