If you’ve recieved this month’s issue of Sidewalk Skateboarding Magazine, you’ll notice in the DVD review section that Batface has been viewed, consumed and reviewed by the good gents at the mag. If you’re cheap and feel like there’s nothing else in this month’s issue that interests you, I’ve handily scanned in the review for you all to read.


Despite having the review here for you all to read, I honestly think you should get yourself down to your local WH Smiths and pick up a copy of Sidewalk – This issue is a cracker, with the Ride With Us Tour feature (with photos featuring Daryl Nobbs and that Mad Roider from Wales whose name I forget*). There’s also a Silverscreen article for Andy Evans’ epic Heel Toe Magic video! Sidewalk have been supporting UK skateboarding and helping me out with bits and bobs for a few years now – they’re fully rad guys so I just want to thank them for taking the time to review the visual mess that I produce for my DVD’s!

*Only joking, Ben Devine.