Past couple of weeks while making my way in the rat race driving too and from work Ive been locking my dial to 98.6 FM listening to the Community Radio Station Hillz FM.

You’ve got to get involved.

Yeh it sounds like a pirate station, yeh the music sselection is random and yeh sometimes it goes off air unexpeectedly.

But thats why I freakin’ love it. Drive time show Friday night is prime example of the quality and kahunas of this station when it comes to programming.

Whilst Radio One have Scott Mills and awful mainstream pop and rock and those fuckin N-Dubz clowns, The Hillz get me through the traffic jams with drum and bass and dubstep. 5pm on a Friday – music to skank to! Morning time, reggae, traditional asian influenced music, the man Gino (the man at the top) talking you through the morning with his americana tones. Evenings its pot luck. Was listening to some delta blues one minute then luther vandross the next. Truly random. But refreshing from the shit we normally get stuck with from Touch, Heart, BBC WM.

Please support this station and tune in. 98.6FM. Hillz FM!