This isn’t a proper entry, just a quick update.

Some sort of progress is in motion. Contacts at a major skatepark building company are working with myself to secure a couple of key friends in the council who are currently holding the purse strings for some new and interesting developments within our city. It has been suggested that this petition (remember the petition I told you all to sign??) as well as the names of the people on this facebook group be put forward to the council with a formal letter.

Right now the facebook group alone has 399 members, and the petition has a total of 231 signatures. From my count, it appears that only about half of the names on that petition are people who have put fake names or nicknames down (I’m looking at you “ERIC KOSTON” and “NEEDLE”) or people who are also on the Facebook group. By my maths that gives a rough total of 514 people who all agree that a new skatepark in Coventry is needed. From what I hear, a number like that is more than enough to persuade the council that we do indeed need a new skatepark.

So, where do we go from here, and how can you all help? Keep joining the Facebook group (it seems to be the most effective way to gain support), get your friends and family to join it as well, and get signing the petition if you haven’t already done so (and please put your REAL full name as it makes it easier for me to figure out if you’ve signed the petition before and/or if you’re on the Facebook group). The more legitimate this whole thing looks, the more seriously the council will take it, and the better off we’ll be.

I’ll have another full Skatepark Situation article up later this week. It’ll be more complaints yet again, but what needs to be understood is that even though I sound like I’m on a soapbox complaining, this information is stuff that the council can use to point out how to get skateparks done properly and see our point of view as the people who are using these facilities. For all user groups, design and longevity is extremely important in the skatepark building process, the more interesting the design the more people will use it and the more people will genuinely feel happy with what has been provided. Provide an amazing skatepark, and skateboarders will thank the council for years to come.