Tex Royale
Croc Rider
Tex Royale
Croc Babe

Tex RoyaleNamed after legendary cartoonist Tex Avery + classic house artist Royal House, Tex Royale was born in Coventry on June 9th 1988. Whilst growing up Tex was exposed to much Godzilla, Bugs Bunny and funky vibes. He wanted to be an astronaut or an artist but preferably both. At age 6 he moved away to West Africa. In the years that he spent travelling around Benin, Tex was exposed to Vou-dou and has been sensitive to spirits and ghosts ever since. A spell of protection was placed around him.

After returning to the UK, Tex carried on his artistic pursuits and studies. After school, his aesthetic eye for life within shapes and colour landed him an unconditional placement on the Animation degree course at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. For the past 2 years he has been living around South east London where he studied and met ghosts. He is currently on a gap year, working up his material and saving some nasty cash.

His work takes in 8 bit biz-niss, visuals for your body and grind and some sick beast love. Check out his work on the link below or get to one of his ‘Flud’ nights where you’re bound to get sopping.

Animator/Illustrator/VJ Name: Tex Royale
Year entered earth: 1988
Postcode: SE1
View work at: ScreenKid |
Contact/Book: texr ( at ) screenkid.co.uk