The crap birthday party has been HARD CANCELED which means I’m definitely gonna make it to the Bussey Building on Saturday. Try and get your tickets in advance to save a few money (they £9 advance, £12 on door before 10:30 and 15 WHOLE £’S AFTER). Doors open at 7:30 n there’s a sweet rooftop bbq on the cards til 10:30! It says on the site that the show will be on til 6:30am or later. Click here to find out about all the artists playing, I’m particularly lookin forward to Monster X n Warlock cuz I like their names n stuff… But also this Zan Lyons guy looks pretty interesting n I think that whilst he’s playing he’s gonna be ruining Blade Runner, which is one of my favorite movies! so that’ll be good + Rudi Zygagold is sounding good right now. Anyways here’s how you get in the place — now jus bloody GO an I’ll see you there huh, expect a full cover after the thing ok


Awrr FUCK ! Bogdan Raczynski is gonna be playing at the Bussey Building in Peckham on the 5th of June — so in theory, I could I I I COULD be wobbling around a grotty warehouse in London with psycho paced electro beats pounding through my jelly legs. AND INSTEAD I’M GONNA BE STUCK IN COV AT SOME CRAP BIRTHDAY PARTY WITH JELLY ON A PLATE !! Which is a shame but just how things are.

If you’re excited/upset like I am cuz you’d too like to go check Bogdan in action, then it’s ok ok. He’s playing again on June 12th in Manchester at a venue called the Attic . I might just try n jump this crap birthday party early n dash to the Peckham show though. “BE A BEAST, STRIDE STRONG!” That’s my dads advice not mine ok.

Bogdan Raczynski hack by Tex Royale, thanks Tex, you’re a dick

Justin Case you didn’t know, Bogdan is a good bad man. Personally I’m only really familiar with his “SAMURAI MATH BEATS” work plus some of the “BOMBS OVER IBIZA” material — I first heard the stuff around yr twentydoublezero n it hasn’t gotten much older in this decade just passed. He’s in the same gang as hero Aphex Twin n his music stomps around under the same super genre of BRAINDANCE. It’s a fast paced, hard hitting manifestation of the electronic blood pumping through our heads. Bogdans psycho paced thwoomp thhwoomp vibes are carefully contrasted by touching n emotional subject matter that flows directly from his inner child’s heart + it’s all delivered with calculated mathematic precision. V GOOD. For more info, check him out yourself, his website not only features a ton of vids n details BUT it also has all his best recipes too. Cookin’. So go check him out, n leave him a nice comment! All these people did:

BOGDAN home recipes, vids, cartwheels n skids
OFFICIAL myspace selection of tracks + show dates n other info
plenty more myspaces loads of people make bogdan myspaces every day