KANENG LOLANG — Visually stunning, spiritually powerful, listening to her on myspace wont do her justice, definitely check her website to help yourself understand, you should definitely try to understand — see her live, watch her perform, she glows a lot and you’ll feel much better.

INFINITE LIVEZ — Cheeky London chappy, very accessible, great to dance to, very raw forward thinking electronic music with all the right influences. Definitely follow him on soundcloud and check his radio shows, he looks after his listeners and his voice is so rich!

SAM AMANT + ADIO — Missed your performance! I think I saw who they both were, one of the guys was the physical manifestation of the Savvy Black Vou—dou Music man with a jaunty bowler hat that was probably full of flames and a long black coat that probably had stars and planets inside it. The other guy who was singing at the end too with curly hair and wide, piercing eyes looks like he should have been one of them maybe? I’m annoyed I missed their stuff but after seeing videos like this one I definitely want to check them out next time. EDIT — these guys are such a sick mystery to me, is one of them a babe? I’m so unaware right now…


I don’t want to say that the night on Saturday was experimental in any way at all because the whole thing was just so good and right ok.* We arrived a little late, just in time to catch Kaneng Lolang. I got into London and made my way to Bethnal Green to see a performance and lecture by Alex Lawrinson and Alastair Birch, they’d slept in a pile of junk and art the night before and got a bunch of kids involved the next day — they were tired, Alastair went home to die happy. The talk was about dogma, it was serious as fuck. Kaneng Lolang was a mystic beauty bomb with a feather in her hair and a conch shell to sing through. We stayed in a pub for a while, just by where Alex and Alastair’s show had been. The kids from the local neighbourhood came out of their homes and into the act. There was this big bully kid who originally approached the situation with lethal gangster intent, throwing charcoal hard and belting out shit death threats. He disappeared for a second to beat up some puny boy called Jack, then returned and got really into the art, more than anyone ever. His excess libido turned into creative gusto and he crafted himself a samurai costume out of a globe and a scalextric set with a towel covered in paint that was actually a cape. He’d just completely transformed into a heroic explorer that shone, he was a Son. He told a joke.

“What’s a stick and a sock got in common?”

Our good friend Leon Gower said something about the smell? and the Samurai said

“NO DUH! They can both be used for art duh.”

Art is the best. We stole £10 and a packet of prawn cocktail crisps from the pub and left after Young Hearts Run Free played out of the jukebox. Kaneng Lolang sang layered levels of magic and vou—dou, she played her bass with brute delicacy and her voice was Undisputed Truth, powerful and resonant, loving and furious. Her honesty was overwhelming and she told stories of the soul. She blew me away and surpassed all my expectations, I didn’t have any because I hadn’t checked out her stuff before the show but I got some when I saw her and she smashed them with grace — I thought she was gonna be a guy because she had the word lol in her name but she wasn’t, she was a blummin’ babe instead. 20 points! We caught the bus from Bethnal Green to Stoke Newington, the 106, the driver was a dick and he confiscated my child day travel card. What a dick. We sat upstairs at the front and changed the number of the bus to the 115. Do your job properly now you mr. bloody jobsworrrrth. You shoulda heard this sweet bit where she was going buh-woing buh boing buh buh buh-woing — doing this ace like slidey slap slide slip bass stuff. SHRIEEEEK SO GOOOOD!

My God has 5 God’s and they’re all taller than your God — art work by Kaneng Lolang

The Others, the venue, was upstairs in a snooker club. We entered and were greeted by a beautiful big girl with an ace headpiece on her noggin. She hugged me and let us all in for a fiver because she was so nice. I was about to go outside to smoke, Mr Wonderful was playing good music but then Kaneng got ready to play. She was shy, then explosive, I didn’t go outside — hypnotised and emotionally attached now. One song was about a vou—dou god, her favourite one — Gede. He protects young children and the graves of the dead. You could see in her lips and her hips how important it was. Real serious and big joy. Another was dedicated to her Son, to all Sons, she loved Sons loads! At one point in a song about fork tongued fork faced human snakes with tiger teeth, a tall guy in a long coat, macho mutton chops and a jaunty hat tilted on his shaved head, went over to her loop pedal and started fiddling around, trying to help (I think that this was Sam Amant or Adio). She stopped and told him he’d ruined it and she’d prefer to start again now. She was telling a good story and he’d interupted it wrong. Getting it right, always do the right thing. I could see Infinite Livez sitting on a sofa just in front of us with some funky chick who we spoke to later on at a bus stop. She owns a shop in New Cross or something. I was really bloody happy and scared okay.

The MIRRORR PHAAASE — art by Infinite Livez

I asked Kaneng at the end of the show if there was anything she’d like to say to YOU GUYS about her music, any words at all, a message and stuff. She misinterpreted the question, thinking I’d asked her what she wanted to say about the night and said it was about not being too precious, joy, love and something else. I was wasted so I forget but she said something important. soz. When she realised what I’d really asked she told me she didn’t want to tell me anything about it and that it was up to me to decide what to say, but she was happy I loved her. URM! Happy I loved her performance and so that was okay. Her voice was so soft when she spoke and so strong when she sang. Sostrang Lolang. Alex had told her that she was super freakin’ sexy singing through the conch shell and he was correct. Well done Alex! Her friend told her I told you so.

The Pink Panther was playing out of the projector for the whole night. I was wearing a badge of a Black Panther with the Pink Panthers head on it — I gave to a school kid called Jack who was skiving R.E. with his friend Mark.

Some old boy outside had fuckloads of weed and wasn’t forcing us to smoke it out of his pipe but he did let us. I coughed a bit but it was okay EVEN THOUGH being high kinda ruined the night a bit. Infinite Livez was puhhhh—ritty wikid when he played. He was just dead on it but like he didn’t give a fuck at all, which was good and very charming. I spoke to Kaneng a bit on the dancefloor and then just started dancing loads and was well aware of people going WOOO OOOHH WOOO and stuff but I just closed my eyes and pretended that they were wooing about me dancing. Hyuk hyuuuk, what a dick! Anyways, his set was top. I was standing there mesmerised at one point and Alex said YOU LOVE HIM! YOU LOVE HIM! He was right again, I was really bloody excited. There was a lot of knobs and dials and buttons and wires going all over the place at the tips of his fingers, he was hitting loads of pedals and pulling levers, checking meters. Rockter Dobotnik. Plus the sound was good! I didn’t get to go and have a look at his kit to see exactly which kinda toys he was using, I probably coulda/shoulda done but it didn’t cross my mind at the time and hindsight is for mingers. The beats were rugged and full of joy like some big body building antelope that was all grubby and playful, existing and bouncing in multiple ways and stuff. I was fucking wasted, what a dick. I’m pretty sure some guy was filming all of the whole of everything so I’ll look out on yout an vimeo for the videos for ya…

I just really enjoyed myself. I really badly wanted to talk to Infinite Livez after he did his thing but I felt like I’d already talked to Kaneng Lolang too much and too, urm, gosh what’s the word… Just like a bloody over into fan boy kinda shmuck. I LOVERED UR BLUDDY SET LOLANG, U BLUE ME AWAY, iT WAS AMAZING U R DA BEST IT WA SUMTIHN SUMTHIN ELLLSE — which was true but sheesh get a grip kid. I was really stoned and scared of what everyone was thinking of me, if anything at all and nothing might have been worse — oh gods where’s that grip. Paranoid party pooper, charisma all crumpled. At one point in Infinite’s set he stopped for a little break, like an interval, a breath of air where he interacted with the crowd WHO ALL LOVED HIM! Alex did some good heckling, asked him what was in Berlin. Inf told him that there was Germans in Berlin (the Truth). The other shouty jeer was a question about politics and who he’d voted for. BNP was the answer duh. He said no I really did loads of times with wide white eyes and a big psycho grin, so it was probably true — dick. Infinite was definitely the star of the show, everyone who I spoke to was excited to see him play and had come especially for his thing and stuff. Even Kaneng said she wouldn’t miss him for the world. UNDERSTANDABLE, Kaneng. We met this guy there who’d had the shit kicked into him outside of or on the way home from Infinite Livez’s other show at the ICA a few days before (here’s some photo’s from that, he’s in one of the last ones wearing the same bloody clothes as he was on Saturday, tramp, but good), I woulda liked to have checked both shows too but I wasn’t into getting the shit kicked out of me. I can’t be arsed to talk too much about how the music was like, go fucking listen to some of it and get into it okay. He was just good as fuck. Really cheeky with a real magic vibe as well. The whole thing was magic, I sound like my grandma but this special stuff was good for your heart! WHY WEREn’t you tHERE HUUH?!

The big improv set at the end of the night was a blaaaast too, I think the guys Sam Amant + Adio were singing and playing a guitar but I wasn’t sure cuz I’d missed their performance earlier on and stuff. One of the girls that we where with said she thought it was a bit too “bedroom” for her and didn’t really like it but I fuckin’ love bedrooms so who even cares. I don’t think you can really complain that a big improvised set is a bit too bloody bedroom when a hard bunch of really exciting, friendly looking magic heads from a day or two away in the future are all dancing about having a good time with some good sounds duh. The staff at the joint were great too, we were naughty and tried to sneak beers in but they caught us red handed. All the guy did was put them in the fridge for us and let us drink them later. Firm but fair. He was not a dick. Artist Joe Sutherland was there. I felt really bad, he kept calling me trying to find out where the place was but I just kept canceling the calls because I was entranced by Kaneng… He missed her performance and it was all my fault — dick! Sorry Joe, but thanks for coming, it was good to see you and I’m glad you’re okay.

The whole thing was very personal and kinda spooky spiritual. Was there ghosts in the room? … But it was forwards and natural and unashamed of the Truth. The atmosphere was fun and the sounds filled you up. Kanengs soulful, vou–dou pirate rock and roll show opened the room up shook everything well, creating this ace massive space for Infinite to throw his weight around in — I WISH HE’D WORNA WIG. The contrast between the two acts was massive but it worked and there was a harmonious stink emanating from the jagged, good beats and the jumpy giant gruff noises. It was a grand rarity and the experience was important, you were left feeling full like you’d made an achievement. Massive thanks to the guys and the gals involved for putting it on, you looked after us good and we all feel nourished. I can’t fucking remember anything else except for that the whole thing was fucking wicked and days gone since went psychopathic but that’s okay. I’ll keep an eye out for those videos for you all but in the meantime GOOD LUCK.

Lack of photos, alas alack.


Kaneng on myspace
google search on samant + adio
the Others
might be more… will edit them in
how could I forget? nullandvoid
— Alex Lawrinson & Ali Birch = part of this


* UPDATE ding ding! Just found this and feel the need to link to and quote it:

One of the artists you can hear tonight at URB Alt is Kaneng Lolang. It’d be reductive to call her music “experimental”. Rather, what she creates are her efforts to help us understand what she hears so clearly: The ancient and the future.

The Ancient and the Future are the Truth. Saturday was important, now go visit the Malvern Hills.