If you can get down to London this weekend make sure you check out this event for some rare audio treats. At this current moment in time I really can’t tell you much about Sam Amant+Adio or Kaneng Lolang and the only thing that I know about Mr.Wonderful is that it’s a top name for a DJ —

I’m just madly excited about seeing Infinite Livez performing live someplace other than on youtube. It says on the event description that hes gonna be doing a one man show, which might be a shame after watching this vid:

DJ Tendraw vs Infinite Livez @ Below the Radar 1/5

How good is the babe in the bunny mask with the bop out of time booty? Really good okay. So if it’s a one man show I’m dreading that she won’t be there. What will be blummin’ wikid is the performance at the end where all the artists involved get up and do an improv set.. Yiiiikes! Still, Infinite Livez is a king in his own right, if you haven’t heard his 2004 album BUSHMEAT then see if you can’t get a hold of it for some sicker sounds and some quick hard hoots.

Anyways, the guys been away in Berlin for ages and working with Swiss electro group STADE. He’s been doing a bunch of radio shows for Herbstradio (?duno much about dis, is all in Germoan or sammink) which are all all full of killer tracks and available for the listenings on soundcloud (GLORIOUS MONO).

Gonna wrap this up now cuz am getting pretty tired — If you’re looking for something a little different with heavy hip-hop and electro roots + a psychedelic art smash Rick James spin on things that you’ll miss forever if you don’t see it the once then get down to London on Saturday and make your way to KICK at the Others, it’s only £6 + travel (which is dirt cheap with coaches and funfares) and there’s already gonna be a bunch of Cov heads going down anyway PLUS London is a playground so there’s loads to do whilst you’re down.

More about this after it’s happened.

Get on it!

KICK at The Others

Saturday 8th of May

8pm £6

6 and 8 Manor Road London N16 5SA