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If you ever used to go to joints like the TIN ANGEL to check their open mic nights and stuff — then you may well be aware of the handsomely romantic romeo romeo voice of talented musical physicist Doran Khamis. (There may still be examples of his older acoustic work on mysplurge)

Doran Khamis is FRIAR’S TUCK, I think that means that he’s grown into a man now!

Friar’s Tuck performed at a bunch of shows around Easter, mostly at charity events and house parties and I think all in Sheffield, although some were possibly in Manchester too. I unfortunately missed all of these but a couple of the shows do still exist in mp3 form… I was listening to one the other day with my old man who was pumping iron — he’s solid — and anyway, ‘s Tuck starts to sing and my dad drops his bloody weights and they land right on top of our dog! (it’s ok now) but dad doesn’t even care and he just shouts really loud like “WHO THE FUCK IS THAT SINGING?! IT’S FUCKING GORGEOUS! SWITCH IT UP! SWITCH IT UP YOU STUPID PRICK, QUICK!!”

After it was over he quickly started acting like a “realman” again and said “I mean, I wouldn’t listen to it again but uh… it was good ok.” Which is a lot coming from my big hard dad! He’s a fucking homophobe meat head though so don’t listen to him. I’m listening to it again right now and I have done a whole bunch of times since it was sent to me. But yeah, dad said he liked it because ‘s Tuck didn’t sound wimpy or self conscious like a lot of modern male vocalists do — he said it just sounded “good ok”. Good.

The new material is primarily hiphop — or what dicks like me call hiphopesque — but it’s more than that, or less than that, depending how you see it — I think maybe it’s just removed from it completely. I’d say that it’s comparable to cLOUDDEAD’s earlier stuff in that it’s got the same drawn out, floating feeling about it — the one that makes you wanna space out and say “this is wikiiiid”… Also, whilst listening to the live recording, you constantly have to pinch yourself in the fucking face as a reminder of the fact that THIS IS ALL LIVE?! It flows so fluently across and into you that you think it’s maybe gotta be an album by a gang of pro’s — but it aint. Is just Doran, the FRIAR’S TUCK. Like I said, don’t listen to dad’s, this stuff is more than good — it’s galloping!

Anyways, despite the fact that he’s pretty incredible, he’s a busy charming chap and there’s no chance of him playing live again any time real real soon — you’ve all missed out on that, for now, however I am aware of the fact that he is preparing to play out as much as possible when convenience occurs. I’ll let you know all about this as the info comes in. He is definitely planning on hitting Cov though at some point in the near future, so, like I said, peel your bloody eyes out for him ok.

In the mean time I suggest you check the two teaser tracks on his soundcloud page which is just /friarstuck. If you can somehow get a hold of the two mp3 files that make up the recording of his first live solo show under the guise of Friar’s Tuck then DO IT AT ALL COSTS although, it’s probably gonna be hard as they’re being kept quite close to peoples chests at the minute.

Think that’s all I need to say today, check out his material and look forward to his next set of liver performances, he’s GOOD OK! Until next week, you can pop your eyes back in for now!

If you do want to contact Doran for bookings or more info or whatever though, it’s ok, you can: