BLATES is a one-man badman band, he’s Coventry cities best kept musical secret

If you’ve been to any ƒLUD nights then you will have heard the live psycho sounds of Martin Blatehoven. The guy’s a musical monster band. His tracks glow with spooky beauty and good energy. He uses this ace combo of tribal drum patterns, electronic sound from synthesizers & various (often modified) kids toys as well as a combination of analogue instruments including a big fat double bass and one of those kinda keyboard flute thingies that you blow through whilst pressing on, y’know? Blates makes heavy use of the Korg KP3 Kaoss pad by squirting all these sounds through it to create live loops, slowly layering up his tracks into these ace amalgamations of multi textured sound. His soundcloud features clips mostly but check Ossne and mellCELL — both of these a wikid examples of Blates’s affinity for merging tribal drum beats with electronic noise and beautifully haunting melodies.

He does occasionally work with other elusive psychopaths like these, these, this and… this — but it’s always Blates who puts the majority of the musical muscle in. Look out for more info on his group work in the future.

In the mean times enjoy what’s up onlines and get yourself in gear for future performances by BLATES, a new ƒLUD night is long over due and you can be sure he’ll be making an appearance at the next one — WHICH IS COMING SOON.

BLATES on soundcloud

See ya next week, try not to tear your tonsils out til then ok.