Young Montana
Young Montana – Photo Courtesy of Adele M Reed

This young producer out of Cov is getting some pretty big props from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs (naming Young Montana her favourite unsigned act 2010 ) after one of his mixes were played on her show and the LA Producer Shlohmo .

The ‘fidgety beats for feets’ are HEAVY with a nod to hip hop, glitch, soul and electronica and after only recently hearing his tracks have already been playing back non stop his tracks up on Soundcloud. Trcks standing out are Sacre Cool which has a nice summer flavour, Suchbeats has a kind of Bullion/Floating Points glitchy sound but big sounds for us are the Radiohead / Shlohmo mashup and track Zealworld. BIG & DIRTY.

Check Young Montanas beats out pronto before this producer takes off for intergalactic badness.

Artist Name: Jon Pritchard AKA Young Montana
Year entered earth: 19
Postcode: CV
Listen at: Myspace |
Contact/Book: ( at )
Genre: Glitch/Hip Hop

Interview coming soon.