I’m covered in fleas and we’re still waiting for the photo’s to get developed.

Look at dis while u w8

unrelated sick new band concept art ok

What the PEOPLE said:
Shiny, galactic, gimme a fag, Samurai, hard good beats, bleeps, history, train sounds = London Soundtrack, unfolding, dicks, weird, ideal real repeated, empirical simulacra, inspired, gliding, sausages, packaging, good but prefers slow, so much emotion, que disfruteis de esta noche con westro super ciego brillante, misty gas mask, blade runner, so nice, sound, wikid, good selection of electechdubsteptronica, funky suicide, vibration creation relation, i got plenty of words but i’m not a wordsmith cuz i do not do no smithing, jaegermeister means forest master, wikid, yeah, like guns,

I caught
The room was ultra misty getting caught in blue visuals — fish and skeletons twitching. We danced a while — Blue Daisy wore a gas mask and was swooping from toy to toy making the noises. Dead loud. Check if you’re into pure electronic that you can rock to.

Murderous, hard, bloody, disgustingOOD — This was heavy. Julian Caraz and Derek from Combat Recording. J was the noise and D the visuals. They’ve got something on tomorrow — WEREWOLF GANGBANG SCREENING — they’re basically doing a tour with a bunch of lesbian werewolfs, there’s animatronics, video and lesbian wolfbabes. These guys were good, so raw. Julian is a liar from a basement in Austria, goats n octopus, his dad made him 6 kids together and they made happy soup. In the basement. TOP! Get to this werewolf thing and experience some intense cross medium IDM forever.

Zan was ace. He was moshing up Bladerunner with live loops and singing into his violin — looked like he was eating it n stuff. Really gentle guy! Anti drugs pro emotion good vibrations. All his music is made with a totally ecological green process — sustainable = important. Not sure how but truth. Ask him. He described his work as INDUSTRIAL STRINGS and said that in a world which is hard shifting to the nasty right what with banks collapsing bringing the planet to it’s knees — we NEED music that invokes emotion and empowers the people (+++) People forget the POWER of MUSIC but the government don’t (think 90’s legislation against the Rave scene, which hurt nobody except those who hurt themselves by doing too much of what they love). Lyons is a truly positive plus person and he’s doing it for you. She was created fully alive okay.

This is the guy that so many people came to see! He’s got a bloody philosophy degree, what’s that even good for? He uses his cursor to mine for sounds. His girlfriend was there. I made him talk to me through her but she didn’t. He’s interested in being in some kind of publication. He was absolutely top though, he had about 300 different hats that he kept swopping and one was a fucking shark plus he was feeding the hot chicks at the front out of hit flask. PLUS his Becks and hit flask were pretty much just instruments in the set too okay. AN YA SHOULDA SEEN HIS MIC! Just a brill set up. Definitely one to check n poss my favourite performance of the night up with Monster X. Coming soon but not very soon is a new project he’s been developing for ages and I’ve written in my notes something about requires attention and FAILEDREVOLUTION — so keep your eyes bloody and peeled for something like that. He pulled good faces too, check the track FOFUX on his myspace, from there on in it’s really good — at one point in his set he grabbed and mauled the speakers. Tough guy. Good guy. Good tough guy.

Bogdan was everything I expected I guess — I was so fucking tired by his time though and dancing was so hard. It was a treat to see him, I kinda really wanted to hear him sing and stuff but I definitely didn’t — if he did I missed it. Soz Bog but you were good what I saw. I’ve not a lot much more to say (already hyped x2) but if you ever get the chance to see Raczynski play chase it up.

I missed a lot of stuff, I was outside a lot interviewing the party peoples + playing loads of Safari Hunter inside too.

We were late, it was getting close to half ten which didn’t matter for my photographer Axel Lawrencher (who last night got hit by a bus and is now out of action, all the best Ax) and I ‘cuz we are the fucking PRESS, but the beautiful super babe accompanying us would have had to pay double — NO ! three whole more pounds to get in if we got there any later than that. Plus we’d missed the bloody rooftop barbecue. Brill. The whole day had been snap snap snap snap all is too slow. I woke up in a pop up tent in a bad garden with only hazy memories of the art from the night before and insects crawling out of my mouth. I ran. Things were getting ugly. I didn’t have a home.

I stank, three massive bags full of food and booze wrapped up in clothes were dragging me down and I couldn’t find the fucking coach station. Nobody would give me any directions because my skin is green and nobody likes that. Luckily it was the early hours of the morning so I had plenty of time to murder. My coach was at one thirty. Time is fucking rubbish. Later in London the gang and I were waiting for the free bus to Peckham. These two silly drunk, great chumps, a guy and a gal were staggering and having fun. They had a giant inflatable smiling dick with them and the gal insisted on getting undressed in the street so she could change into this hot dress she’d bought earlier. I would have got a boner but the inflatable dick seemed to be doing fine on it’s own instead.

Back in Coventry I was panicking, it was one thirty and I didn’t have a fucking clue. Everything was turning red and the streets were all against me, I ran out into the road like a thick fox and a screech slammed into my side with a hard thud that only hurt a little bit ok. The bastard had smashed all of the booze in my bags and there was vodka and beer leaking everywhere now, plus some of the tins of beans and tuna had exploded so I stank of farting fish. Inside of the car there was this guy, he looked like he’d just shat his pants and everyone knew about it, I stared at him, stinking. Anyways it turns out he was a cab driver called Derrick Matthews. Apparently he’s a writer doing a book called “Journey to the son I’ve never had” or something. Sounds crap, look out for it.

Axel Lawrencher, our photographer for the night, had 2 guns 200 camera’s and looked just like Andy Warhol.

It’s over.
Sorry about the wait, this weeks been hectic as fuck — photo’s so soon —