D’youu remember this? Last month or something I went n checked out Infinite Livez & Kaneng Lolang and was blow away by Kanengs performance. She’s playing tonight at Café Oto in Hackney (directions/website). Tickets are cheap! £5 advance n £6 on the door, the show starts at 8 and I’m pretty sure it never finishes? Find out later I guess.

Check all dis!

Clang Sayne: http://www.clangsayne.net/

Cj Boyd: http://www.myspace.com/cjboyd

Kaneng Lolang: http://www.kanenglolang.com

The musics all heavily acoustic but with a load of loop pedals n stuff, creating ace layers of beautiful sounds that explore THE SOUL ITSELF!
Good or what?

See ya there, get tickets in advance here, there’s 44 left at the minute apparently.