Yipes, I’ve been down in London for days with no internet access, it’s been really good. Got back into Coventry today and went to Cov Uni for a sneak peak of all the bloody art they’ve got downstairs in there. There’s some ace bits like a big, gross n colourful transforming static gunge heap on the floor, just in front of this wall covered in delicate drawings of people sicking out people being sick into peoples faces whilst little girls swing about n jump around n stuff. Plus loads of plant life! Some of the work has really got a fat wad of potential hanging out of it okay.


Ollie Cross getting up in their grill WITH YOUR MIND!

I’ve been invited to the private screening on Friday by cheeky smart artist Oliver Cross (click here to see his blog “CROSSANDSTUFF“). He’s really naughty n stuff, he made his own snail shell gallery called “the Hermit” — maybe you were lucky enough to catch him when he dragged it outside of the Herbert and they told him that if he didn’t leave fast then they’d bloody kill him or something. Make sure you check his blog for the full story on that, it might be really violent.

Vote Hermit Art Gallery For Fat Wad Of Funding

Cross is definitely one to watch. His work is full of mischief which can only grow into good gold. I’m gonna try and get an interview out of him and some of the other top talents knocking about on the night so stay tuned. The show is gonna be officially open to the entirety of the public, I believe, on the 5th of June — that’s this Saturday — and it’s gonna be open for a whole week. For more info you should check this and this. Also of interest coming up soon is the big Goldsmiths end of year show, I got to sneak peak a load of that the other day too and I’m definitely gonna be there at the opening. More on that later. For now though just go and check out all this bloody art these kids in Cov have been doing OK and discover what talents have been growing in the city. SEE YOU THERE n’night.!/event.php?eid=116956055005245