Who’s heading down to the Green Man Festival this year? It’s in Wales in a place called Glanusk Park, Usk Valley, Powys (I’m part Welsh, I wish I could speak the languagslgrslj) and the line up is holding some tasty gems including GOLD PANDA, HEXSTATIC, DJ FOOD, STEVE MASON and FUCK BUTTONS. Adult tickets are £3943209458
Ho ho ho

Adult tickets are £120 but you can get a student version for £104 — I can’t afford either but I’m still gonna try and get down. Expect art installations alongside the music, plus comedy, poetry, a wikid kids area, massages(!) and some bloody good food. PLUS it’s not that far away from Abergevanny — my favourite place with a swear in the name. Get your tickets asap before the sell out!

Festival runs from the 20th — 22nd of August 20000010.

In other news, Vitalic was good on Friday — expect a full report with photo’s soon and on Saturday I discovered Anklepants, yikes! Do a search or wait for the full article, I’ve got footage and everything — STAY TUNED ! !