Last minute alert to anybody who’s gonna be in London tomorrow night: Vitalic, Mommas Boy, Joe and Will Ask? and Rotkaapachen along with +MANY GOOD OTHERs are gonna be playing at The Coronet Theater in Camberwell >> (durrekshuns)

Basically what you’re in for is a night of cool as fuck audio visual electronic music that willy make you party n sweat like a tap eating cake n stuff. There’s some killer DJ’s plus a whole chunk of live artists that are gonna do some hot rotten tricks n make you wriggle loads n everything. I’m gonna be there with Axel Lawrinson after we return from our trip across the channel in France.

There’s gonna be three whole rooms full of sound n doors are open from 10PM til 5AM, tickets cost a tenner make sure you buy um in advance online as I don’t think they’re available on the door at all. It’s gonna be hip ok.

Room 1:
DJ Falcon
Joe and Will Ask?
Mystery Jets [DJ Set]
Teenage Bad Girl [Live]
Room 2:
Mommas Boy
Heckle and Jyde [Live]
Spieltrieb [Live]
Rotkaapachen [Live]
Caulfield Beats [Live]
Orlando Boom DJs
+ more to be confirmed ! Get down get down