American: The Bill Hicks Story

Libertarian, outlaw, shaman, smoker, toker, romantic, hallucinogen ambassador, philosopher, preacher, genius… Bill Hicks was always something other than a comedian. His death from cancer in 1994 deprived the world of arguably the most iconic and probing voice in American culture of the period.

Cleverly shunning a conventional talking-heads approach, American: The Bill Hicks Story uses an innovative animation technique, some rare and previously unseen performance footage, and testimonies only from the people who knew him best, his family and close friends, to create a deeply perceptive, fittingly honest celebration of the man occasionally known as Goatboy.

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The frequent stand-up clips serve to illustrate why Hicks remained so revered and relevant; he was so funny, so fearless and always right.

The film shows today Friday 11th June and tomorrow Saturday 12th June at Warwick Arts Centre. It may just be worth popping out for. Tickets and more details here.