Unfortunately missed the start of the night as ghana v uruguay sucked me in – amazing game – gutted for the african nation and poor gyan missing a pen in the last minute of extra time!

Anyway headed down to the godiva fringe in time for Charles Dexter Ward who ripped the Belgrade B2 a new one, you need to check these howling psychedelic brothers from different mothers out next time they are in your vicinity. Awesome set.

Taking a break I headed to the expensive bar for a warm cider and a fist full of little change (the bar ran out several times and you feel the Belgrade were expecting the normal silver haired interval crowd ice cream chomping gin n tonic quaffing set and not hundreds of thirsty yoot.) and then settled into a bouncy, lively and typically cool set from The Ripps. We just wanna know who phil the drummers dealer is??

Next up were 91db. Slightly new lineup. New set. Heavy. The boys smashed out big new tunes, bit more of the dnb club vibe going on – there was a real jump up party vibe going on in this really decent venue. Shame the volume was low. Booooooooo.

Drums and the double bass and some tasty breakdowns ensure even the non dnb converted found themselves heavy in a one foot skank. New synths and bleeps from new man darren and a more direct emanuelle on mc duties taking people a bit deeper ending in a storming of the stage for the encore!

About 30 people rocked the stage for the last track and it pretty much went off. Live dnb 91db style!