Richard March at Godiva

Last weekend at Godiva Festival I was lucky enough to bump into Richard March of Bentley Rhythm Ace as the Saturday drew to a close…

“Thank God I’ve managed to get those last two weeks out the way.” says Rich as he rides up, partially naked, on a bike to meet me. “Well, I do like cycling, but I like to have it all strapped-up, in case of any accidents. When you get older it all swings a bit lower than it used to.”

“Mmm.” I say, giving him a fixed look, straight in the eye. “So did you enjoy playing Godiva?”.

“Yeah! Your never quite sure about these council-run events, but this one’s well organised, good crowd, good facilities, and a good vibe – I feel like I’ve been well looked after.”.

“Mike seemed excited” I note after viewing Mike Stoke’s previous on-stage enthusiasm. “Mike gets over excited – he’s on a natural high when we play live” smiles Rich.

“Was the air raid siren brought in especially for the gig?” I ask with a sly wink and a shake of my mane. “Well it’s better than the new stuff.” he says, “We had a few technical hitches in Bentley’s Gonna Sort You Out, which runs from Ableton software, and it crashed with this crazy bleeping loop going on. Mike thought it was Nick, Nick thought it was Mike, but I think we managed to get away with it”.

“Damn right you did!” I say as I enter a personal flashback; “I was at the front, just a few people deep, and the moment seemed to loosen the crowd up a bit – people just danced more!”.

“Well, our only real problem was the strict 100db limit on the backline” says Rich “We need to hear it – we’re all old and deaf, and we can’t turn down Fuzz’s drumming to fit. Actually, I was disappointed there were no naked ladies on horseback. But we did manage to share a backstage-caravan-port-a-cabin with the Grind House girls who turned out to be ten girls in stockings and suspenders doing sexy dancing. They had one end, we had the other, and it ended up so hot we had to go sit on the grass outside and drink a cold beer together.”

“So what else you got on?” I ask Rich – still perched on the bike. “Well, I’ve been asked to DJ at the after show party at Inspire, after which I expect I’ll barely be able to stand, after drinking a few of those Belgian Trappist beers. Then it’s off to Shambala Festival near Market Harborough in August, which is one of the best little festivals I’ve been to, where everyone gets dressed up for a few crazy days.”

“Sounds great” I say “I’ll dig out my Tigra costume for it.”. “Look forward to seeing it!” says Rich with a grin, and primly scoots off across the park in the direction of the nearest Coventry Spire; his L plate flapping in the breeze.

BRA play a charity fundraiser at the Hare & Hounds in Birmingham on Thursday 8th July, The Little Chill (DJ set) 8th August, Cambridge Festival 27 August and Shambala Festival, near Market Harborough (28th August).

Also look out for Richard playing Bass with Automaton at a couple of festivals coming up soon.