Hey there fellow Coventrifolk.

On a day as remarkably dull day as this, when it’s cold, you’re skint, you’re bored and watching endless re-runs of Friends or Bill Hicks or Family Guy, or whatever tickles your televisual pickle…I have a way for you to feel better about being trapped inside.

You’re going to need lots of paper, sticky tape and and blunt instrument to make marks with. Oh yes, that’s right, I’m going all Neil Buchanan on your arses.

Go to the nearest window, take a good long look at the misery the view is forcing into your eye sockets. Now, plaster the glass in paper and get drawing. Either that or print out a photo of a fond location or a big nudey picture, something to make you smile. And VOILA! You’re instantly happier about where you are. I must stress that this will not alter your actual location, unless you’ve got some kind of Penny Crayon dealio going on, in which case, I want in on some of that action!

To the right you will see the direction in which my imagination took me today, don’t ask me why, probably something to do with the mad horses dream I had last night.

I want, nay (no pun intended), DEMAND you have a go at this! And send me every single piss poor attempt at imagination, because I am genuinely intrigued as to what you would rather see outside too.

Send em to pieyedesign AT hotmail DOT com.