How I came across Jack O Brien… I cant even remember. I dont think its even relevant; when the clock strikes 3am, I’m usually trawling the net for creatives to either work with or inspire me, and in this particular case I found both. Jack, who’s shy of 17, is in my eyes a bit of a prodigy; expressing himself through his work in a mix of the classical and modern, in technique and subject. He brings both flair and wit to the table, and has achieved a crazy, crazy amount for someone so young. I mean, his work features on tees sold in House of Fraser. Very few at 17 can say that’s been achieved.

I caught up with him for a quick chat on life and such. Oh, and follow him on twitter- pure comedy.

So Jack, hows it going: whats new?
I got a new hair cut, and bright red brogues. I’m also applying to uni for Fine Art.

How long have you been working within the realm of art? Has it always been paint?
I’ve been working artistically for a very long time, throughout my whole life basically. I’ve always felt a certain freedom in my artistic ability, I’ve never had to work tirelessly to be creative, things seem to come naturally to me. Recently, I have been focusing on my painting skill exploring different aspects of my personality. Experimenting with different painting styles; using materials such as neon and metallic paint, glitter, feathers, metal and newspaper. I do work with a vast array of media from standard pencil drawing to photography, film and sculpture.

So explain “Gobadnomad” for us… what does it entail?
Gobadnomad originally started as the outlet for my artwork, however it has evolved to a greater idea in the very early stages of development. I’m looking to create a project based around ideas of mystery, secrets and individuality. Employing components of existing secret organizations in an obvious ironic way. A piece of clothing/artwork would likely prove membership to the project, through this membership you would be invited to take part in various events, exhibitions, parties – only gaining access to these events through wearing/displaying your membership. Playing on a very exclusive, celebrity culture prominent in society. I’d take a theatrical fine-art approach to the whole idea, inviting other creative people to get involved. So get in touch and watch this space!

Nice. So what/who inspires you the most?
Other artistic people, past and present.

Medium wise, what is your preference; what do you find he most expressive and in touch with what you’re trying to create?
At the moment, I’m drawn to paint; particularly on newspaper and  also installation, creating a balance between these two mediums with cross dimensional ideas.

Do you have a certain creative process?
I regretfully cut up all my magazines like Dazed, ID, Notion.. then make big collages. I might then watch a film or read a book, after all that I’d probably get round to making something.

And what happens out of art for you? When you’re not painting you are…?
Answering interview questions… haha ermm I travel to London to see exhibitions, work on photo-shoots with photographers and meet people. But basically I’m just biding my time until I can escape the countryside for good.

I’ve also seen you’ve done some work for clothing brand “Brat and Suzie”; do you have any other commissions lined up?
I’m still working for Brat and Suzie, now on the Spring/Summer stuff, I’ve also got some commissions for exhibitions and then the Gobadnomad thing to work on.

And for the future; what do you hope to work towards? What can we expect?
I’m not ashamed to say I’d love to be famous, doing literally everything and anything I want to do. My my passion being the expression of myself.

What should we check out?
My website and blog on a regular basis. haha