Nature, love & satan; all subjects covered  by Neo Folk/psych artist, KING DUDE a.k.a T.J Cowgill. Hailing from Seattle U.S.A, DUDE explores the darker side to beauty, namely through the mournful undertones within his music, combined with light baritone vocals which turns each song into a gentle narrative. Songs like The Black Triangle withhold beauty, through the sincierity and emotion channeled through lyrical choice as well as video direction, which is simple but insightful.

After releasing The Black Triangle 7″ on Clan Destine Records, he is back with EP entitled Tonight’s Special Death. The EP features a wide range of songs- some previously released. Newer ones such as My Everlasting life II (a slower take on the initial song Our everlasting life)– are ethereal as well as mournful, alongside No-one is here; Witches Hammer however is more upbeat and catchy and true to folk roots.

For those relatively fashion conscious people, KD runs ACTUAL PAIN; dark/satanism inspired streetwear. Didnt think such a combination could work? It does. Very well Infact. U.K shoppers can buy stuff here

Tonight’s Special Death is available to download/listen to via bandcamp.



Actual Pain