Vintage cant really go out of fashion; being a Londoner by heart, It’s something subconsciously drilled into you, coming from the fashion capital of the Country. Vintage streetwear is equally as timeless; everybody loves a bit of “old school” this and “back in the day” that. Jordans, plaid shirts, Dr Martens… its loveable and nostalgic; just watch Boyz in the Hood or a good episode of the Fresh Prince, and if you’re fashion conscious enough, you’ll be begging for a nice Snapback. Any vintage connoisseur knows that nowadays, vintage is usually overpriced, knock off and usually falls into the hands of the corporate giants before too soon. A friend of a friend of a friend (as it usually happens), told me about a guy by the name of Spencer Davies, that sells brand new vintage Snapbacks for good prices- I made no hesitation in hitting him up and the combination of the range of hats with reasonable prices, sent me making order plans in the first day. NFL, NBA, MLB… an assortment over a range of teams, over a range of sports: hat heaven. You can pick one up for xmas for around £20, bit more for the rare ones but hey- do the research and you’ll see youd be hard pressed to find one for less than £40, especially from the U.K with delivery. I’ve already spent my student loan nicely on one, and no doubt I’ll be seeing to an Oakland Raiders one very very soon….

Do the right thing kids!

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