Sometimes I’m glad I don’t have an Iphone: don’t get me wrong, I’m a big apple fan and a sucker for apple products, but in terms of photography, you cant sign into any social networking site nowadays without having news feeds full to the brim with ‘hipstamatic polaroid’s” and other similar app’s pictures. I don’t want to sound like I’m anti phone photography- you only have to look at the Iphone photography of Chase Jarvis, to realise that there is a legitimate market for it and it is infact an art of its own, but there’s something about making something into something it isn’t, which I’m liking less and less. the pictures aren’t random, or retro or anything like that. The’yre just imitations.

In 2008, Polaroid announced the discontinuation of film production; leaving the world in the dark, and causing panic buying on a massive scale. At the closing event of the film production, Florian Kaps spoke to Andre Bosman about keeping production alive and creating their own brand. After a succesful bid, in rights and factory lease, the Impossible project took off; not continuing instant film production, but re-inventing it with different dyes, chemicals and processes. Doing so was pretty much as near to the name as it could be, but 2 years later they have established themselves firmly within therealm of analogue photography. The two main types of film produced is colour shade push! and the more groundbreaking silver shade- a film which really speaks to polaroids early days of production, and continues from previously quickly discontinued films (1998). They are made for all existing polaroid models. Don’t have one? Pick one up on ebay for around £20

You can pick up a pack of either film for around £20 for 8 exposures. Expensive? Very, but what must remembered is that you’re buying a bit of history. Photography like this, cant be remade on Iphone apps. Its as real as it gets. Go buy some and make some unique pictures!