Parisian Surf Rock band La Femme

I don’t know about you,  but I’m always searching for that new idea, new glint of majic, new spark of creativity to inspire me to move forward, pushing and testing my boundaries.

I spend many hours trawling the internet on my quest to find new music, searching for the tunes  that will take my breath away with their originality, creating a moment in my mind / a memory I will keep forever.

And on Monday night I found it,  after two hours scrawling through both local and international blogs I found La Femme (I was actually meant to be working on a new Suit Corps tune, but I find procrastination an aid to the creative process 😉

La Femme are a Parisian Quintet bringing you joyous and quirky lo-fi surf rock gems.  As a non french speaker, I really have not got a clue what they are singing about, but the female vocals are that catchy, and the guitar hook that polished,  that you cannot help but sing along.

So far I can only find their 4 track ep on bandcamp.  Personally I really hope they do more.

Is it music for the masses? I’d hope so.

Will it be? probably not.

When I first found them I immediately put on the Suit Corps face-book page that “This is that good I nearly weed myself.”  I still stand by that reaction.

If you’ve taken the time to read this, then please do me one more favour.

click the link below and enjoy

Sur La planche by La Femme

Best Regards

The Suit