Sidewalk - wonderland sessions - The Suit's new favorite band NO 2

Its sunday afternoon

The weekends been hard, after a week that was even harder.

What i need right now is some uber cool chilled  prog rock hip /hop

Luckily i’ve just found Sidewalk

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, this dynamic trio  manages to mix hiphop, soul, rock and funk in a very natural way. In May 2008, with their debut-Ep, “Takeoff“, producerLastword and rapper Pitz showed the audience a versatile yet compact sound, and the critics were swept away.

Sidewalk comprises of

Pitz (rap, lyrics),

DJ Lastword (production, mayhem) &

The Sun (vocals, guitar)

I found wonderland this afternoon, whilst i searched for the right tune to help the stress bleed out my ears.  It reminds of  Can, parts of it The Doors, and then Pitz layed back rapping with the tonal ambiguity of a true scandinavian, at times sounding american, at times from the UK – eitherway truly original.

The 3 track EP ”Wonderland Sessions” was recorded by Sidewalk during three days around the turn of the year 2010/2011. Lost in the wilderness, the band found refuge in a haven decorated with only music. In order to survive, they each picked up an instrument and began to play…

Their Wonderland EP is available for Free Download Here , and is well worth the free download price.

Listening to sidewalk takes me back to my times in stockholm over 11 years ago, getting drunk in biblos as the snow came down on the red carpeted streets oustide, swearing at the £4.50 price for half a pint and then, later on, getting kicked out of the Cafe Opera for being too drunk and abusing the bouncers. Happy times.

Sidewalk have the simple stockholm coolness that I have missed and that, at times,  Coventry could use more of.

If you do nothing else this afternoon then please listen to Wonderland by Sidewalk.

If you do two things then  download the ep for free.

Hopefully, they’ll be comming over to the UK to play, and if they do I’ll let you know, cause i’ll be trying to get The Suit Corps onto the same bill



Best Regards

The Suit



the wonderland ep

Released by: Beatsurgeons Music
Release/catalogue number: BSM0013
Release date: Jan 18, 2011
ISRC: SE-YCU-11-00101