The Albion BMX MagazineAs a big magazine enthusiast, there are times when you question the nature of the magazine’s that remain in the spotlight. I dunno; there’s a lot of debates all the time regarding the “mainstream” or “commercialism”- the real meaning and ethos behind these things being lost with the world of making money and selling selling selling.

Four Former Ride UK Employees felt the same way, and decided to take a stand and create their own magazine: the Albion. The team includes former Editor Steve Bancroft, photographers George Marshall and Daniel Benson as well as Bmx legend Tim March. The magazine is set to launch on April 1st with an April fools special, and continue at the beginning of every other month; something that can be picked up for free at local bike stores and selected shops.

“The Albion exists to acknowledge and uphold the spirit that makes up ride bikes. our aim is to get thinking, to encourage people to appreciate the finer points of 20″ culture and explore what it really means to band together and build in the woods, to session a curb by yourself, or to stand at the top a set of stairs and weigh up the odds before throwing yourself into the unknown…”

The Ethos and revolution against the big names in Bmx magazine is in my opinion admirable as well as respectable. This isnt a case of competing against an apparent winning horse, but just changing race altogether- building something new and fresh. The new venture has generated a large following quite quickly and its both interesting and exciting to see how it will all come together. Until April…..

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