Philth Treacle Clothing Sweatshirt
Philth Treacle Clothing Sweatshirt – treacle sponge – nice


Our friends down at treacle clothing have been busy with two new limited edition sweatshirts for us!

Bob from treacle sent the press release and as covert are about to intreview both philth and N4T4 ( never ready graffiti crew)  I thought it be nice to show some of the new work.

What Bob says about the new philth sweat shirt “This is an ultralimted edition piece of clothing, only 10 will ever be produced and this will be delivered in a 9×9 inch collector’s box along with a limited edition print that ties in with the sweatshirts design “

If you don’t know philth then go to ( ok he is creating his new page at the mo, so please don’t take offence that it is a myspaz!) this artist is one of our own, from beduff , is a secret wars european league finalist and was most recently seen painting at Ghostpoets album launch party! Big up Phillie B!!!

They also have a new sweat shirt from Dirty Thirty and as bob says “

This Treacle Clothing sweatshirt is designed by Dirty Thirty a graffiti artist from Hampshire who has battled for the Secret wars Southampton team. Dirty Thirty’s work is character based using heavy weighted lines against thinner ones with spray paint as well as other mediums. Dirty Thirtys artwork has been shown in weapon of choice gallery and alongside artists such as Banksy and D-Face amongst others.



check it out below , and if you have some spare dollar then please support this CV postcode ultra cool clothing range!!


Dirty Thirty treacle clothing sweat shirt
Dirty Thirty treacle clothing sweat shirt