Charles Dexter Ward and The Imagineers

I once shat myself I was so excited on my first holiday without parents to Ibiza when I was 17. It was 2 hours before my flight was due to go, and I just lost control of my bowels. The clean up was swift, and I foolishly mentioned it to all my mates who all seemingly had control of their emotions and bowels. Smug cunts.

These days you’ll be happy to know I can now control my excitement, which is a pretty damn good thing as I’m pretty chuffed in saying that Coventry’s Charles Dexter Ward & The Imagineers have released a single “The Ghost of Charles Dexter Ward“. With “Eskimo Escape” on the flip side.

Likened to the bastard sons of john lee hooker wrestling with the stooges high on absinthe, CDW&TI hark back to a time when the groove was King and if you’ve not checked them out yet. You probably should.

The single has been released on a limited press of 500 vinyl (fuck yeh, actual WAX) this howling psychedelic blues single that was sporned in the basement of Az Malin and his compadres sick minds will absolutely blow your pants off. Its available on the Rough Trade website, and has only been there top selling single on the site this week.

Embrace the excitement. Dust off the turntable and help this Coventry band fly without soiling themselves. Buy the record here on Rough Trade.