Imagination by GIt on BBE Records

There used to be a time when hip hop producers would slave over a hot MPC, take hours sourcing the ingredients from rare pieces of wax and knit together beats that would have that underground sound. These days, a cracked copy of Logic and some pre made sample packs off a bit torrent is the base for plenty of pretty mediocre hip and beats (f*ck I sound old).

So, it was refreshing to have some of that finely crafted, underground tinged hip hop hit my desk this week from Staten Island, New York.

The album ‘Imagination’ by producer Git (on Yoruba Records through BBE Records) utilises some of those secretly found, dust ridden samples. Drums that have a real drive with plenty of nice percussion laid over the top.

Stand out tracks on the album are the self titled opener ‘Imagination’ which has (dare I say it) a Pete Rock flavour in the beat, with a haunted vocal and guitar riff. The rapid ‘Did you Hear Something’ with a pretty addictive hook and child like sample on the breakdown.

The driving beat on ‘Free World Isn’t It’ is pretty pounding, and made me think of some old Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band style beats (forgot how much I love that band!) Doomesque stylings come in the shape of ‘Destroy’ featuring Distrakt showing this producer can make beats for vocal bars. Some pretty damn soulful vocals on ‘Higher’ courtesy of Big Brooklyn Red, which is screaming out REMIX! ‘Thinkin’ has a beautiful jazz piano loop and some absolutely stunning percussion. You gotta check it. ‘Remote Control’, Spaced Out and Bamstro show Gits’ more experimental sound with some amazing very spaced out synths and bleeps.

Look out for the Grange Hill sounding ‘Nothing can Stop Me Now’ at the end of the album, will bring back some memories for the older UK reader!

All in all a great album. A heady mix of ‘roots’ hip hop, big beatesque festival pleasers and the more experimental twisted and surreal sounds. You gotta Git Imagination.

You can preview and pre-order here.

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