Been meaning to put this up for a little while now. Bedrock graff artists Philth and N4T4 alongside other Subism artists, Ventsa and Deus did this fucking huge mural in Manchester a few weeks ago. A mammoth piece towering over a Manchester street. LARGE in more ways than one.

You can check out the work of Philth here and the work of N4T4 here.

Check the Sub ink site as well for all your ink and paint needs.

Before Subism Manchester
Before the paint went on...
Philth Subism Manchester
N4t4 Subism Manchester
Deus Subism
Ventsa Subism Manchester

Philth Subism Manchester

N4T4 Subism Manchester 2011

Deus Subism Manchester 2011

The final piece. LARGE! Subism!!