Those of you that thought that this was gonna be a post on mixing drink with a bit of soap bar are gonna be pretty disappointed. But if you took it as a post around drinking alcohol and drawing things at the same time, then its exactly that my friend.

A free social drawing event Drink & Draw is coming up at Browns Bar on Earl Street in Coventry on 24 November between 19:30 – 23:00

Its an opportunity for lie minded people who like to scribble, doodle or simply snigger while a bit tipsy and draw genitalia. The event organisers want to ask you these questions…

  • Have you ever sat at the day job and doodled on your work during meetings?
  • Have you ever attended College/University to find yourself sketching on your notes as the Lecturer loses your interest?
  • Have you ever found yourself scribbling on a beer mat as the conversation at the pub fails to pique your interest?
  • Do you like alcohol and cool bars?

Have you answered “yes” to any of the questions above?

If so, JOIN US!

Put yourself in place where doodling isn’t a crime, where scribbling on something isn’t frowned upon. Let your alcohol assisted creativity soar…

Most importantly…


Pencils and Paper provided

Organised by the Blind Mice Design / coalition