Yeh, I know it’s been quiet on here for months now. I’d kind of forgotten about it, like you sometimes forget about your poor old gran. Keeping a site like this chugging away weekly became an absolute ball ache, and repetitive, and only on a Sunday with the same old stories. This may be the start of hitting it again. Or, if truth be told, it may be the only post this year. Who fuckin knows.

Anyhow. I have decent reasoning to post today due to some of the music I’ve been listening to the past week. Some old, some fairly brand new. But all of it fucking amazing. There is so much good stuff coming out of the UK (and Aus) at the moment. Especially on the electronic sides of things.

First up, a Covert favourite Young Montana? and a remix not long complete for Lanterns on the Lakes track ‘You’re Almost There’. Released on Bella Union and right addictive this be:

Check out the original as well:

Next up, ARTK or Artek. Not sure what name this fella is going by. But his track ‘Out Of Touch’ is really hitting the spot at the minute.

Riffs track ‘Feelin’ Dope’ out of Bristol:

Chet Faker from Melbourne (not very UK I know), and his track ‘Terms and Conditions’:

Two teenagers out of Lancaster Bondax and their track ‘You’re So’.

One of our favourite sydney bands – Cameras with their track ‘I Know’

Blank and Kytt ‘Lightly Dusted’ – excited to hear the new stuff from these boys.