ISIS is… What is ISIS?! It’s a platform emerging in South East London, for poets, performers, musicians and funky mystik soulsters. Hosted (pseudo)monthly at the (now-closed-down) Colorama Cinema, every night has been intimate, passionate, cozy and WILD (See the ISIS .tumblr page for videos and soundclips).  Tonight, the ISIS collective will be alive on the air from 5pm to 6pm on It aint the first time they’ll be appearing on NTS and tonight will feature “a series of LIVE on-mic poets, straight from the Poet Planetarium Londontown!”

Facebook Event

The line up includes:

I n f y n i t y G y a l z

A n d r e a P h i l l i p s

A l e x N o r i e

P a l l e L i n d q v i s t

G u i l i a L o i

V i r g i n i a L o v e

Expect also to hear the likes of Gill Scott Heron and John Cooper Clark. The musical sounds of the Infynity Gyalz are being created by none other than Coventry based musician MARTIN BLATEs.

So, taste the mystical political poetry flavors of London’s dirty South East, tune in to NTS live on your local internets tonight at 5PM GMT.