On Planet Venus, a day is longer than a year.


This week, I got up early Wednesday morning and stared into the heart of Sol, the sun… ten minutes after Venus visibly passed Sol in swift transit [as a tiny black speck over the burning white-yellow-orange surface]… The blinding light of the solar system’s central core remained deep within me, leaving a profound imprint on my soul, in migraine format. Combiflam, slow release from pain, period. Later in the week, I passed out at the Slade Fine Art MA show after asphyxiating — too many a lung-full o’ hellium! The world around me melted, bubbled and frothed into cacophony — fractal sound and wobbling visual complexity. Face grey, lips blue, I awoke, embarrassed, staggering t’me feet n exclaiming (with a whip-click from me fingers) “Booyakasha! That was wikid!” — it was the only thing to do, me future had been unveiled! (this would be the first in a long line of occasions, fainting in reaction to good art) The week concluded with a quest thru the country in search of duck eggs. We met Sheep Prince, King Geese, yea’, Black Duck, Big Horse and; I got a ‘lectric shock. O yay 🙂


Prometheus (the new Ridley Scott ‘Alien’ reboot) is full of plot holes, million dollar plot holes! and that is fine. Worth watching at the actual movies, look:


I’ve ordered a Raspberry PI, the all new credit-card sized chipboard computer, designed to be built up by you from scratch.


I’m not too sure what I’ll do with it yet. Some A+ audio-vizual installations no doubt. If you have a Raspberry PI of your own, and are working on any projects with the device, let me know, I’ll blog about it here.

This week is packed, all the BA final year show’s happening at once, film screenings, bio-hackers, hip-hop… Have a goose:


Tuesday 12 June 2012
starts 18:00 at MORI + STEIN GALLERY (click link for full details)

This event is an:



Poster image, featuring a nike swoosh tick, with pastel-goth-outer-glow overall motif… 2 for 1 drinks from 6 – 7, DJ’s and a peachy ‘digi-phys’ princess aesthetic suggest this show will be OK. See the above link for more info on the artists, location, dj’s etc.

Wednesday 13 June 2012
Nutcracker Double Bill
starts 19:00 at Lima Zulu Project Space (click link for full details)

Film screening featuring:
The Delian Mode (2009, Dir. Kara Blake, 25 mins)
Home of the Brave (1986, Dir. Laurie Anderson, 90 mins)

‘A double bill this month featuring electronic music pioneers Delia Derbyshire and Laurie Anderson. Derbyshire is perhaps best known for creating the theme to Doctor Who in 1963 as part of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and her work there throughout the 1960s has set her apart as a true innovator. The Delian Mode is a collage-style experimental documentary that attempts to mirror her unique approach to making music.

Laurie Anderson is a performance artist, composer and musician who first came to prominence in the 1970s New York Downtown scene. She would bridge the gap between the avant-garde and commercial music worlds with her 1982 single O Superman which reached No. 2 in the UK charts. Home of the Brave is an elaborate self-directed concert video incorporating dance and projections into her distinctive performances of songs from the album Mister Heartbreak.’

Primo neato combo. Bring your own popcorn. More info in the link above.

Thursday 14 June 2012
Goldsmiths BA Art Practice Degree Show Private View 2012
starts 18:00 at Goldsmiths College, open daily til June 18th (click link)

Degree show private views are the best place to meet artists parents! See you there mums n dads 🙂

Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium (WHIM)
starts 18:00 at Copenhagen Place

‘Copenhagen Place is pleased to invite you to a solo show by our current artist in residence, Anna Hughes.

Hughes is moving towards an ideal. Like the children of the first wave of hippies and new-agers, she is searching for a faded sense of harmony, order and balance. The fulcrum on which she is poised is fragile, perhaps untenable. Allowing ideological ghosts room to gather on her canvases, Hughes’ painterly gestures are muddy and vague. Processes of staining and soaking create surfaces which point towards the cosmological, but which are decidedly flat and impenetrable. An esoteric look, framed as a painting with elegant proportions. The results are experimental, indeterminate textures which move away from the familiar territories of her practice and into the milky way…’

Copenhagen Place is an amazing space, with a great sense of ‘do’ humming in the air. Definitely worth checking out. If you can’t make it on the Thursday, you can make an appointment for the weekend via the link above.


I know this is gonna be dope. I’m so torn between art dads at the all the BA private views and this; a healthy taste of the early electro, Afrika Bambataa, George Clinton, RAMMELLZEE vibes that I expect to hear from the likes of DJ Mark Ferrar. You know with a name like Meat Grinder, this night is set to truly chew the beef. Hopefully this night is set to become recurring thing. Bring your own records n the DJ’s will spin ’em? And it’s totally free too. Booya. More info on the link above.

Friday 15 June 2012
319 Scholes presents Code of Contingency…
Starts 00:00 at 319 Scholes, Brooklyn, New York

Anybody in New York this Friday? If so, check out this show. One word:


Saturday 16 June 2012
Deep Jam at Raving Buddah
Starts 19:30, click for full info

‘…Nu-Disco, Deep and Tech House all through a Funktion One soundsytem.’
Get wiggly at Raving Buddah for Deep Jam, with vizual display by Tex Royale & Alastair Ariel. With ArielRoyale on screen, expect your Tech House to be complimented by jellyfish, nazis and over-saturated ice-cream cartoon glitchin’. Free entry all night!