The Guilty Pleasure Film season returns to Taylor John’s House, kicking off with Kevin Smith’s cult slacker classic MALLRATS.

Kevin Smith affectionately dubs his second feature film and box office calamity as his ‘red headed step child’. Now it stands proudly as a cult classic and is widely considered to be the ‘gateway film’ into Smith’s other work, which includes his debut ‘Clerks’, ‘Chasing Amy’ and most recently ‘Red State.’ Demonstrating a razor wit and a remarkable ear for dialogue, Mallrats offers up the some of the best bone idle philosophies on life, love, sex and Superman. Snootch to the nootch!

SYNOPSIS: Mallrats details the pointless story of T.S. (Jeremy London) and Brodie (Jason Lee), two suburban New Jersey slackers who decide to head to the mall in search of solace after being dumped by their girlfriends.

Presented by Short Night Films and Driven like the Snow.

Doors open 7.00pm
Film Starts 7.45pm
£3 Entry