To celebrate the online release of my short film Eventide, here’s a remarkable article about the film written by my dearest and closest allies Anti/Type Films, run by Ben Cook, Lyle Jackson and Larry Campbell. Please keep tabs on them here.

THE HALF-KNOWN: A study of ‘Eventide’ By Anti/Type Films

“Dead fathers, lost loves, warring families, late nights, drinking toward a destination, precariously balanced step ladders in public parks, witnessing the ghosts of super 8, inventing a fake city, perilous balloon strings, violins and self-referencing….we could go on and on and it would make little sense to those who haven’t seen ‘Eventide’ and probably only half-sense to those who have…but we’ve figured, after maybe two dozen viewings and a few road-trips, that this is what it’s about, half-knowing. It’s the great over-arching substance to the film (paradoxically ‘knowing’ it’s about ‘half-knowing’), it’s about the filmmaker giving and the audience giving back and meeting somewhere in the misty middle, adding the names of their own families, the dates of their own deaths….and maybe figuring out that any creation is only complete when we put a piece of ourselves into it, letters, homes, children, films…it’s a secret imparted and usually forgotten.

It’s about half-knowing the people around you but realising that doesn’t matter because the dynamics of known and unknown, of fact and fiction, of qualities and flaws makes a life worth living and a person worth knowing and maybe most importantly, the questions worth asking.

It’s about half-knowing how to make a film, but making one anyway, about discovering and fucking up, about calling in the troops and being fuelled by pig-headed stubbornness. A cloud of memory soaked into film and left to create its own patterns and reflections like ink in water, bastardised by fictions and the reclaimed bits of other people’s lives purchased from car boots or wherever people leave the remains of their lives when they’re done with them.

It’s about half-knowing what you want to say and letting the journey and the task guide you to not even caring about the blank spots because total knowledge is an infinite disappointment, and you’d rather have mystery as one of the million traits possessed by those you love.

It’s about half-knowing you’ll be a failure and half-knowing you’ll be a success, but ploughing on anyway haunted by the singularly human joy of knowing that you’re doomed either way.

But that’s the over-arching substance, the true meaning, the ‘nature does not care for you, we are but particles in the body of the universe’ truth, the truth that’ll send you half mad and fully blind if you look into it…what do we think it’s about, our private truth?

A friend once said ‘be around when I’m around’…maybe that, but that’s just us and we only half-know.”


Eventide (2012) Written & Directed by Brian Harley. © Short Night Films 2012

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