Brian Harley’s acclaimed short film ‘Eventide’ is released online.

Well, here it is folks. Eventide. Quite simply, a film about fatherhood, inspired by loss and the urge to express some things that I just thought was worth sharing. A small team of very talented, generous people worked with me to create this film, armed with nothing but shear will, passion and trust and I am forever grateful to them for this. They each contributed something personal to the film and I hope they found the process of making it as cathartic and as healing as I did. It is as much part of their legacy as it is mine.

We started shooting in November 2011 and the film was completed in March 2012. Since then, it’s had an exciting little life; screened all over the country, widely acclaimed and nominated for a bunch of awards (and even won a couple of them too). But what has struck me and matters to me the most, is the audience response to the film. I know what the endeavour meant to me as a filmmaker and as a son, and I do recognise the film as a personal triumph. I knew it when I saw and heard the elements coming together that it was going to meet me pretty much where I wanted it to and that’s rare in filmmaking, which is so very often a wonderfully defiant process. But what I didn’t anticipate, what I dared not to expect, was what it might mean to other people. From the response I’ve had so far, from the emails and messages I have received, it looks like it means just as much, and that, I’m delighted to say, brings me great relief, comfort and hope. It has been an unbelievably satisfying and humbling experience to witness my work bewitch an audience the way Eventide has.

And so, as from today Eventide is finally available online and if you can spare 15 minutes of your time to watch it, I’d be very grateful. I sincerely hope you enjoy it and if you do, I urge you to please share it and recommend it to others. Be an ambassador for Eventide. Let’s see how far it can swim. And who knows, to borrow the musings of Arthur Eddington, one day we may even find it’s footprints on the shores of the unknown…

Thanks again for your time and support.


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