Hold tight Coventry. There seems to be a glowing yellow orb in the sky and it feels pretty fucking nice.

Norman Jay Coventry The DogHopefully we’ve seen the back of Siberian temperatures and things definitely look to be warming up slightly don’t ya think?

Pushing things forward…

Promoters, artists and musicians are really starting to get things simmering in this Ghost Town.

Take Rehab Warehouse. They’ve got Skream and Oneman on Saturday 13th April. Duke Dumont and Bondax on 5th May. (plus loads of local DJs Producers including Suck Fake and Ryan McNulty). Doing things nice and proper here.

Then the Dog which has just opened its doors has only got Sir Norman Jay and his Good Times Sound System tonight!

Some other fine nights they’ve got coming up. Rinse FM Party with the one and only Kode 9 on 7th June. The Man that goes by the name Goldie on 11th May. Andrew Weatherall 5th July and Jackmaster on 18th October.

2 Many DJ’s at Kasbah on 5th May.

Plus today you’ve got Lakosa DJing over Sneak&Peaks at The Custard Factory the Funkyst crew selling there wares and some live art from the man Philth.

Looking forward to things getting even hotter in the summer!

Philth – Weapon of Choice