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BLATES is a one-man badman band, he’s Coventry cities best kept musical secret

If you’ve been to any ƒLUD nights then you will have heard the live psycho sounds of Martin Blatehoven. The guy’s a musical monster band. His tracks glow with spooky beauty and good energy. He uses this ace combo of tribal drum patterns, electronic sound from synthesizers & various (often modified) kids toys as well as a combination of analogue instruments including a big fat double bass and one of those kinda keyboard flute thingies that you blow through whilst pressing on, y’know? Blates makes heavy use of the Korg KP3 Kaoss pad by squirting all these sounds through it to create live loops, slowly layering up his tracks into these ace amalgamations of multi textured sound. His soundcloud features clips mostly but check Ossne and mellCELL — both of these a wikid examples of Blates’s affinity for merging tribal drum beats with electronic noise and beautifully haunting melodies.

He does occasionally work with other elusive psychopaths like these, these, this and… this — but it’s always Blates who puts the majority of the musical muscle in. Look out for more info on his group work in the future.

In the mean times enjoy what’s up onlines and get yourself in gear for future performances by BLATES, a new ƒLUD night is long over due and you can be sure he’ll be making an appearance at the next one — WHICH IS COMING SOON.

BLATES on soundcloud

See ya next week, try not to tear your tonsils out til then ok.

KICK at the Others

If you can get down to London this weekend make sure you check out this event for some rare audio treats. At this current moment in time I really can’t tell you much about Sam Amant+Adio or Kaneng Lolang and the only thing that I know about Mr.Wonderful is that it’s a top name for a DJ —

I’m just madly excited about seeing Infinite Livez performing live someplace other than on youtube. It says on the event description that hes gonna be doing a one man show, which might be a shame after watching this vid:

DJ Tendraw vs Infinite Livez @ Below the Radar 1/5

How good is the babe in the bunny mask with the bop out of time booty? Really good okay. So if it’s a one man show I’m dreading that she won’t be there. What will be blummin’ wikid is the performance at the end where all the artists involved get up and do an improv set.. Yiiiikes! Still, Infinite Livez is a king in his own right, if you haven’t heard his 2004 album BUSHMEAT then see if you can’t get a hold of it for some sicker sounds and some quick hard hoots.

Anyways, the guys been away in Berlin for ages and working with Swiss electro group STADE. He’s been doing a bunch of radio shows for Herbstradio (?duno much about dis, is all in Germoan or sammink) which are all all full of killer tracks and available for the listenings on soundcloud (GLORIOUS MONO).

Gonna wrap this up now cuz am getting pretty tired — If you’re looking for something a little different with heavy hip-hop and electro roots + a psychedelic art smash Rick James spin on things that you’ll miss forever if you don’t see it the once then get down to London on Saturday and make your way to KICK at the Others, it’s only £6 + travel (which is dirt cheap with coaches and funfares) and there’s already gonna be a bunch of Cov heads going down anyway PLUS London is a playground so there’s loads to do whilst you’re down.

More about this after it’s happened.

Get on it!

KICK at The Others

Saturday 8th of May

8pm £6

6 and 8 Manor Road London N16 5SA


Came across another magazine and blog about the goodness that goes on in Coventry the other day. Creation In Cov Magazine or CIC Mag is showcasing people of Coventry in order to generate interest in the wonderful things that the wonderful people are doing. Sounds right up our street.

You can check out there website here. And you said there was nothing going on in this town?

Ring The Alarm

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away Altern 8 warned us to “watch your bass bins”.

Similar advice recommended for this bass HEAVY tune from Donaeo, “Riot Music”. With a seductive breakbeat and Donaeo’s vocal and production skills, it’s no wonder this track has been mashing dance floors, car stereos and generally annoying neighbours up and down the UK.

It’s taken from his debut album “Party Hard” and is going to rock Notting Hill Carnival this weekend for sure.

Seriously though, watch those bass bins.

Radiohead Take a Leak

I’ve just realised I talk about pissing quite a lot on this site. Anyway… Radiohead have officially released their new track, ‘These Are My Twisted Words’ as a free download via their W.A.S.T.E website. As the song mysteriously appeared on the fansite At East last week.

There was speculation that the band would release a new EP called Wall Of Ice yesterday, after some people discovered that those three words and “2009-08-17″ appeared in a ASCII test file accompanying the original leaked file. Then someone set up and pointed it at W.A.S.T.E and the internet shat itself (not a piss reference in sight). The site was later updated claiming to be a hoax.

Anyway, download ‘These Are My Twisted Words’ here.

The Living Dead & The Singing Bad

It was quite a time for all coming together and doing stuff at last weekend’s Big Chill festival. And I don’t just mean that a load of people turned up for the festival. Although they did. There were other smaller pockets of getting together and doing stuff during the festival.

First off, as expected, on Thursday festival-goers helped break the world record for the most number of zombies (or people pretending to be zombies, at least) caught on camera at one time. It was all captured for forthcoming Film4 and Warp Films co-production ‘I Spit On Your Rave’. Starring The Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding, the film is set six years after a virus is released at the 2012 Olympics, leaving the world ruled by zombies. A total of 4026 zombies shuffled their way around The Big Chill, beating the previous record of 3894, set in Seattle last month.

But oh so much nicer, and more successful in bringing lots of folk together at once, was The Big Sing on Sunday. Hosted by karaoke company Lucky Voice to promote their karaoke streaming site Lucky Voice Home, they attracted 5000 people, with lyrics projected onto screens and suggestions for songs to sing submitted via Twitter. It wasn’t a record attempt and it didn’t involve the undead, it was just nice.

Lady Gaga Has a Penis?

The unacceptable excuse of a musician/pop star Lady GaGa’s manager has said that rumours that Lady GaGa has a penis are “ridiculous”. However, those rumours have been going round for a while, and a YouTube video purporting to show her penis falling out of her pants at Glastonbury hasn’t helped matters.

Gossip website Bossip recently published a source-less quote claiming to be from the singer, saying: “It’s not something that I’m ashamed of, just isn’t something that I go around telling everyone. Yes, I have both male and female genitalia, but I consider myself a female. It’s just a little bit of a penis and really doesn’t interfere much with my life. The reason I haven’t talked about it is that it’s not a big deal to me. Like come on. It’s not like we all go around talking about our vags. I think this is a great opportunity to make other multiple gendered people feel more comfortable with their bodies. I’m sexy, I’m hot. I have both a poon and a peener. Big fucking deal”.

Asked by ABC News to comment on the quote, GaGa’s manager said: “This is completely ridiculous”.


Just a quick one for ya. Check out the psychedelic hip hop sounds of The Gaslamp Killer and his eery ensemble. If a twisted circus came to town I would like to think they would send out  macabre clowns to walk the streets handing out flyers, their mp3 players loaded with The Gas Lamp Killers tunes to keep them in the mood for all things morbid and dark.

Gas Lamp Killer Video Link, well worth checking people

And then, after a hard days work scaring the townsfolk, back at the ranch when the clowns are chilling out and getting down with the lady clowns i think they might wanna check this one out

Débruit Featuring OmMas Keith & Jamie Woon “Im Goin Wit You”

Paz, amor y payasos

Peace, love and clowns

Eclipse the nightclub to errrrr Eclipse all others?


“In October 1990 Coventry made dance music history. At a time when the nation’s rave scene was still very much an underground “let’s all congregate in a secret field/warehouse location”, Coventry launched the first legal all night rave in a city centre club.

It was called The Eclipse, it had slipped through a gap in the law like a naughty kid through a fence and it was to become the epicentre of the national rave scene.

That first Saturday night/Sunday morning experience in October 1990 was put on at the former Granada Bingo Hall in Lower Ford Street (which has now sadly been knocked down) by local entrepreneurs Stuart Reid and Baz Edwards.

Coventry City Council were powerless to stop them because no alcohol was being served and only private members were allowed to buy tickets. As such, they didn’t need a licence. You could smell the council’s displeasure.

Rap star MC Tunes was booked to play that first night. He did, for five minutes at least. That’s how long it took for his sound system to pack up and for him to leave the stage shouting: “Get the sound sorted out! We’ll be back soon.”

MC Tunes didn’t return, but that was the only setback to what was a hugely successful night.

Ravers danced non-stop and were treated to an extravagant light show complete with lasers and strobes.

To what must have been the amazement of police and councillors the night passed without any reported incidents of drugs or violence. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop them continually blocking every application made by the Eclipse for a drinks licence.

But that didn’t stop the 1,600 capacity venue being filled every Friday and Saturday night by clubbers from all over Britain.

And it didn’t stop some of the country’s best DJs burning up the decks at the city club, ranging from Boy George and Jeremy Healy to Roger Sanchez and Sasha.

Other regulars were Parkes and Wilson – local DJs Micky Wilson and Micky Parkes – who made a name for themselves playing at raves all over the country.

The club was also the starting point for The Prodigy, who played their first ever gig there for just £60, K Klass, SL2, Altern 8, Leftfield, Moby, Shades of Rhythm and LFO.

By June 1991 the Eclipse was getting even more adventurous. As once again the High Court banned druids from celebrating the summer solstice at Stonehenge, four Wiltshire druids were invited to perform an ancient ritual fertilising the nation’s spirit and honouring the Earth Mother at a mini-Stonehenge created at the club.

Eclipse’s influence on the dance scene was officially recognised at the start of 1992, when readers of top clubbers’ mag DJ voted it club of the year. It was also voted as having the best lights, the nicest door staff, the second best sound system, third best toilets and fourth best flyers.

A “chuffed” Stuart Reid said: “We have taken a lot of flak in the time that we have been here, but this is a national magazine and people are voting for us throughout the country.

“It speaks volumes of what we have done for Coventry and what the people who come here have done.”

April 1992 even saw Coventry’s own music multi-millionaire Pete Waterman, who had described rave music as “blips and blops”, film an edition of his TV show Hit Man and Her with Michaela Strachan at the Eclipse. Allegedly Michaela had to be taken home after being ‘spiked’. Urban myth or fact?

And the kids were continuing to flock in from even further a field.

Their reasons were simple. Andy Taylor from Nottingham said: “It’s the only place in the country where you can do this. I come with my mates and we just have a really good time.

Gloucestershire lad Kevin Edwards said: “The atmosphere is great. There’s never any trouble, everyone’s just here to have a good time.”

Stevie Pentelow of Northants said: “I like the people and I like the music, that’s why we come.”

Local DJ Rob of Distortion Crew said “on a Friday and Saturday night it really was the place to be. The Eclipse was up their with the countries top clubs like Manchester’s Hacienda and London’s Astoria, the Eclipse gave Coventry an identity amongst our generation”

The bubble, however, was soon to burst. The Eclipse was developing an increasingly unsavoury reputation for being a haven of drug use, not helped by the death of 19-year-old Christopher Doust, who collapsed after a night at the club and was found to have taken amphetamines bought from a dealer outside.

Police also seized other hard drugs at the club, including crack, and Stuart Reid admitted: “There are drugs in here, of course there are. You can get a needle and heroin inside Pentonville Prison.”

Continuing battles for a drinks licence were turned down. As rave culture began to take something of a dip in popularity applications were made to open the club on other days of the week for different events. These applications were also met with objections.

A name change to The Edge failed to bring back the glory days and in September 1993 the club was closed.

At the time of closing more than one million people had passed through its doors and it had a standing membership of 74,000. A buzz and a vibe that matched the arrival of 2Tone in Cov.

The Eclipse, however, was not to be forgotten easily. In 1996 Virgin Records released, with the help of Stuart Reid, two albums entitled Eclipse Presents… Dance ’till Dawn, remixed by Stu Allan and the legendary Slipmatt and celebrating the early days of rave music and the part played by the Eclipse.

A spokesman for Virgin said: “The Eclipse was at the forefront of a scene that developed into the youth movement of the 1990s.

“Rave has fundamentally altered our culture and Stuart Reid and The Eclipse club were there when it all started.”

Everyone loves Rhubarb.Radio Surely?


Here at Covert we’ve been checking the online radio from Rhubarb at the Custard factory in Birmingham. Setup by around 15 of the Custard Factorys residents it programmes everything from Dubstep to DNB, Bangra to Punk. Well worth a listen to waste away the afternoon. Nice selection if beats are your ting is Secret Wars (from the same name graff comp) You can check there show here:

Zombies. Become one. Join Warp Films at the Big Chill

imgce80ae58ff1b82abc9b8a211d117a001Haha. Our good friend Moore from The Suit informs us that if you are going along to the Big Chill this year on the Thursday night  you are in with a chance of becoming a world record holder in Warp Films and Film Fours attempt for the biggest Zombie scene for one of their films. Surely if you get y ourself into a decent enough state the night before there will be very little need for make up as the living dead look will come automatically. You got to get involved with this if you’re heading down to Eastnor. 27 days to go by the way.

More info is here.

The Specials came home & we sk…

The Specials came home & we skanked hard last night. “Do the Dog, not the Donkey”. An amazing night.

Covert is getting ready for Th…

Covert is getting ready for The Specials – and is excited downstairs.

We’re looking for contributors for our mag

We need new contributors for our magazine.

doyoucovertIndependent chatter has to come from local matter you see. Nothing said better than from people that live in this pretty shitty city. If you feel like writing for us on anything that floats your boat or gets  your goat and perhaps every now and then about local shit and shenanigans then give us a shout. We are here to provide an independent look at independent culture for the coverted in Chaventry, Treacle, Ming Spa, Drugby, DeadRock.
But why should I do this? Perhaps you’re a student looking to get into journalism and want some CV fodder, an artist or musician or just a staunch local with shit to say and nobody to say it too. Or long and short of it – you’re a serial blogger with nothing better to do. We would like to hear from you all.
We’re also looking for photographers for events, people who would have particular experience within one of our categories: Art/Design/Film, Fashion, Music, Skate/BMX scenes and people to help us spread the word. We will also be publishing a print version of this magazine 4 times a year and will need illustrators, designers, photographers and stylists to work with to produce. Get in touch!


We’re currently on the look out for great writers, photographers and video producers/directors. If you have a real interest in representing the best independent creativity, music, art, film, photography in the UK and beyond, we’d love to hear from you. Unfortunately at this time, we can’t award our contributors financially – but can offer great CV material, free entry to events/festivals and the chance to grow with the magazine.

If you’re interested, please send us your CV and links to your work on